Conference Program

Please submit the draft of your paper by sending it to our e-mail account ( It is obligatory for all participants to send their work by November 22nd, 2017. There are no restrictions in terms of the paper’s length; however, we kindly ask you to use the following template for your final submission:

Tuesday, Nov 28

11:00 WORKSHOP: Game Definitions (chaired by Sebastian Möring, John R. Sageng) WORKSHOP: Cultural Imperialism in Digital Games (chaired by Silvester Buček)
16:30 PANEL: Comedy and Games
(Krista Bonello, Paweł Grabarczyk, Tomasz Z. Majkowski, Jaroslav Švelch, mod. Constantino Oliva)
18:30 Keynote Speech: Grzegorz J. Nalepa – I know what you feel! Making Computers (more) Emotional
20:00 Welcome drinks

Wedensday, Nov 29

9:00 Morning Coffee
9:30 Keynote Speech: Sybille Lammes – Out of Action: Waiting, ambling and boredom in play
10:30 Coffee Break
Panel A
11:00 Peter Nelson – A Game Made From Other Games: Actions and Objects in Garry’s Mod pdf_philo
11:30 Nele Van de MosselaerFictionally Flipping Tetrominoes? Defining the Fictionality of a Video Game Player’s Actions pdf_philo
12:00 Justyna Janik(Re)weave the Gameplay. Analysis of the spatial textures in Yandere Simulator
12:30 Lunch Break
Panel B
14:00 Michelle WesterlakenSelf-Fashioning in Action: Zelda’s Breath of the Wild Vegan Run pdf_philo
14:30 Daniel Milne-Plückebaum –  On (How to Make Sense of) Virtualects pdf_philo
15:00 Milan Jacevic – “This. Cannot. Continue.” – Ludoethical Tension in NieR: Automata pdf_philo
15:30 Coffee Break
Panel C
16:00 Costantino Oliva – On the ontological status of musical actions in digital games   pdf_philo
16:30 John R. Sageng  – The Ontological Status of Game Ecologies pdf_philo
17:00 Max Willis, Greta Adamo and Mark Mushiva –  Persuasion and Empathy in Computer Games, An Ontological Perspective pdf_philo
17:30 Coffee Break
Panel D
18:00 Michelle Westerlaken and Stefano GualeniA Dialogue Concerning ‘Doing Philosophy with and within Computer Games’ – or: Twenty rainy minutes in Krakow pdf_philo
18:30 Hans-Joachim Backe – Two Ways through the Looking Glass. Game Design as an Expression of Philosophy of Action pdf_philo
19:30 Conference Dinner

Thursday, Nov 30

9:00 Morning Coffee
9:30 Keynote Speech: Mark Silcox – The Transition Into Virtual Reality
10:30 Coffee Break
Panel E
11:00 Daniel Vella – Action as the basis for an aesthetics of ludic subjectivity pdf_philo
11:30 Ea Christina Willumsen – The Subject and the Form: Inquiries Into Formal Analysis pdf_philo
12:00 Rune Klevjer – Told as True. Diegesis and diegetic characters in videogames pdf_philo
12:30 Lunch Break
Panel F
14:00 Samuel Ulbricht – The Moral Status of Virtual Actions pdf_philo
14:30 Alesja Serada  – Free-to-Play Games Between Good and Evil: the Case of Rewarded Video Ads pdf_philo
15:00 Sebastian Ostritsch – The Ethical Relevance of Interactivity in Computer Games pdf_philo
15:30 Coffee Break
Panel G
16:00 Sonia Fizek  – Interpassivity and the Joy of Delegated Play in Idle Games pdf_philo
16:30 Olli Tapio Leino – Chaos at the Europoort: Materiality, Liveness, and Performative Action in Mundane Vehicle Simulators pdf_philo
17:00 Marcin BlachaProcesses and Idleness in Europa Universalis IV pdf_philo
20:00 St Andrew’s Night Party

Friday, Dec 1

9:00 Morning Coffee
9:30 Keynote Speech: Philip Brey – Values in Computer Games and Responsibilities of Developers and Users
10:30 Coffee Break
Panel H
11:00 Frank Fetzer –  Technological Intentionality in Avatar-Based Singleplayer Video Games pdf_philo
11:30 Oliver Laas – Do We Need Virtual Actions and Events? An Ontological Cost-Benefit Analysis pdf_philo
12:00 Mateusz Felczak – Orchestrating the in-game agency. Towards the inaesthetics of the code in Doom 3 pdf_philo
12:30 Anders Falk and Linus de Petris – (Re)Framing Computer Games within Agential Realism pdf_philo
13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 Shan-Chao Fu – Are Video Games Modern? — From the Aspect of the Conception of Time pdf_philo
15:00 Johnathan Harrington – Something Something Game Something: A Visual Approach to Game Definition pdf_philo
15:30 Dooley MurphyShared Cooperative Activity, Shared Competitive Activity, and the Irresistibility of Something Like a Magic Circle pdf_philo
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Round Table  and Conference Closing
19:00 Afterparty!